I am a beginner with little to no experience. Is CULT the right place for me?
Absolutely. There are no prerequisites to being a member at Cult. Depending on your age and fitness, our trainers will vary the intensity of workouts and gradually work with you towards upping your performance.
What are the training modules provided at CULT?
There is a host of training modules that are on offer, to know more about them in detail please refer to the services section.
Do I have to choose one training module over the other? Or am I allowed to sign up for all of them at once?
Once you sign up, you are entitled to all the services we offer. In fact, we strongly recommend combining different modules through the week in order to develop better endurance and provide a balanced approach to fitness.
What is the schedule like?
Pick a time slot for the entire week and each day, you will be trained under a different module. However, you are allowed to be a part of multiple classes on a single day too. The schedule is regularly updated on our website and facebook page.
What is the enrolment procedure at CULT?
We accept enrolments only at our centers. This helps you familiarise yourself with our facility, our trainers, and programs before taking a decision. We accept payments through cash / cheque / card / online transfer. We also provide EMI options for credit card holders of various banks.
I do not want to be a fighter. How do combat sports, therefore, help me?
Apart from the skills that combat sports impart, the routine followed provides matchless conditioning to your body. While at it, you are not only learning a world class sport, but also getting fit with each passing day.
Will I receive any diet / nutrition consulting?
Yes. We provide our members with inputs and suggestions on nutrition once we have monitored their performance over a period of time.
What is the training dress code to workout at CULT? Am I supposed to bring my own gear for combat training?
All you need is a good set of shorts and T- shirts. We allow training shoes for some of the sessions which are to be used specifically inside the workout area.
The gear for combat training will be provided by CULT. The same can be used and returned after the session.