If you’re thinking ‘how we do what we do’ without a single machine

Cult is a training facility focussed on machine-free training programs. This is reflected in our rustic no-nonsense training facility and our discerning selection of trainers from across the world. Our idea is to provide a healthy mix of workouts through the week that not only enhance your endurance on the whole, but also inspire a lasting lifestyle change; something that comes about only with a firm commitment and uncompromised discipline. We make sure you stick to both!

If you’re wondering whether you’re cut out for such an intensive form of training

Fitness is for everyone. Once you set foot in here, we work with you to break every single mental block, every physical limitation and push you to achieve the highest levels of strength and fitness. We also ensure that your progress is not marred by stress or injury by helping you get the fundamentals right.

True to our name, our aim is to build a community of fitness enthusiasts and progress together towards a healthy lifestyle. That said, fitness is a two way process. While we go all out to help you in this journey, we expect the same kind of commitment and dedication from you as well, because teamwork is the key to staying motivated and sustaining results.

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Guided group session

Guided Group Sessions

Variety in your workout routine

Variety in your Workout Routine

Fitness at Cult

Balanced approach for Overall Fitness